Intelligent Meal Delivery Robot

Intelligent Meal Delivery Robot

Intelligent Meal Delivery Robot

Key words:
Automatic meal delivery, empty dish recollection, dish introduction, and automatic charging

SIASUN meal delivery robot can deliver the meal, charge, navigate, and dodge automatically,
which can replace or replace partial waitresses and waiters in the restaurant.
It reduces the number of waiters and waitresses and improves the brand image of the restaurant,
showing higher economic value.

With avant-garde and trendy appearance, it greatly improves the high-tech image of the restaurant
and create brand effect to attract more customers.
It relieves waiters and waitresses from the workload, increase visitors in non-dining peak hours,
and allocate the resources of the restaurant reasonably.
It will remember the environment in the restaurant, and learn the path to deliver meals
because it has extremely strong adaptability to the environment.
It does not need navigation and it will not ruin the harmonious environment.
It is particularly suitable for high-class restaurants, property sales offices, and high-class reception rooms.

Intelligent Meal Delivery Robot