Interpretation and leading robot

Interpretation and leading robot

Interpretation and leading robot

It is especially suitable to work in restaurants, shopping malls, banks, property sales offices,
service halls of government units and so on. For instance, it can lead customers to the table in restaurants.
If the restaurant is fully seated, it will lead customers to the waiting room and lead customers
to the table when there is an empty table. Another example: when there are customers need guidance in the shopping mall,
the robot will display the plane drawing of the mall in the screen, so that the customer can touch the screen to choose a destination.
The robot will return to the waiting area for next consultation.

Key words: 
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delicate and lovely appearance, attractive to customers, powerful publicity, shop introduction, booklet dispatching and so on.
The product has delicate and lovely appearance to attract customers with powerful publicity.
It can introduce the shop and dispatch booklets.