Wall Climbing Painting Robot

Wall Climbing Painting Robot

The Wall-Climbing Painting Robot integrates network control, automatic navigation,
path planning, and painting area auto-detection. On a vertical wall or curved surface, it can move freely,
and was designed to take place of humans to do the hard and harmful painting work on a ship’s hull.
The robot can work in areas with hazardous chemicals which would be harmful to humans.
It is highly efficient and can greatly reduce the amount of coating material used.
This robot also has applications in the nuclear industry, petrochemical industry,
and other industries which require painting large areas.

Product Features:


  • High-quality, uniform thickness of paint film, high stability
  • Uses permanent magnets and special anti-dropping mechanism, safe and reliable 
  • Wireless remote control, can be operated from long distances, where the operator is safe from hazardous chemicals
  • Autonomously detects spray area, easy to use, high efficiency spray application
  • Manual and automatic control modes, operation is simple and flexible
  • Has self-diagnosis ability and modular design for convenient disassembly and easy maintenance